Past Life Therapy

Past Life Therapy

Past Life Regression (PLR) with Cindy is generally aimed to assist with current fears, and emotional or physical issues.


The session includes a Therapeutic Relaxation CD to help enhance the benefits long after the regression, and you also receive a digital recording of your session. 


Why Past Life Therapy?

Numerous books and world-wide research has indicated significant therapeutic benefits from Past Life Therapy, even for people who are skeptical or don’t believe in reincarnation.


When we carry subconscious memories from previous lives, we can experience unexplained fears, phobias and issues, or we can have mysterious talents or abilities.


People seek Past Life Therapy for various therapeutic reasons, including fears, addictions, emotional issues or relationship issues.  Other people are researching evidence, dates and times, and there are those who are simply curious and just want to "see what they experience".


Regardless of the reason, people continue to report positive changes in their attitudes, health, confidence, relationships, decision making, general clarity and happiness.


Cindy’s Approach

Cindy uses hypnosis techniques, guiding you into a deep Alpha state where subconscious memories can be more easily accessed.   

Together you can uncover and assess these images and feelings, and you are assisted in understanding the mental and emotional patterns formed as a result of those experiences.  

When you understand and reframe these past interactions, relationships, and even trauma, from a healthier perspective, it's easier to allow a positive release.    

By realising powerful insights, this valuable learning assists you in feeling naturally free to be yourself, without the emotional fears, reactions and "baggage".



PLR  $290

LBL  $450