Counselling & Hypnotherapy Services
Bellingen, Coffs Harbour & Armidale
Stress & Anxiety

This 6-8 session program incorporates counselling and hypnotherapy that is focused on supporting you in empowering yourself and finding confidence, self-worth and contentment.


Weight Loss & Body Image

Find the answers to a healthy weight and body image that are unique to you​

Cindy specialises in group and individual weight loss programs, which are designed to find your unique solutions to the underlying causes of unhealthy body image, unexplained weight gain or loss, unhealthy eating habits, and self-esteem.


Quit Smoking

Smoking is proven to be one of the hardest addictions to overcome, though hypnotherapy is one of the most successful natural ways to quit.  Not only does it help relieve cravings, but it boosts relaxation, confidence, healing, self-worth, and a sense of achievement and freedom.


Drug & Alcohol Addiction

This program is typically 6-8 sessions, comprising a very supportive space for counselling and hypnotherapy.  The bonus of hypnotherapy is that it can quickly and gently go to the causes and resolutions of addiction, whilst also encouraging a deeper sense of life-fulfillment, joy, peace and insight.  


Relaxed Birthing

If you are aiming for a calm, natural birth, a supportive role for your partner, a relaxed birth and baby, this program teaches easy, effective techniques for a beautifully connected experience and how to achieve an empowered, calm, comfortable childbirth;

This program assists with letting go of fears around pregnancy and surrendering into whatever turn your birthing experience takes.
Plus relaxation techniques help after the birth (even after C-Section).

Teenagers & Children

The children's program has been designed for parents to simply and effectively help build self-esteem, confidence, calmness and trust in their children, as well as alleviate stress and anxiety related issues.

The teenagers program can learn self-hypnosis and other valuable tools to help alleviate stress around general life and school pressures, including exam stress, study, peer pressure and low self-esteem.​

Past Life Therapy

Past Life Regression (PLR) with Cindy is generally aimed to assist with current fears, and emotional or physical issues. The session includes a Therapeutic Relaxation CD to help enhance the benefits long after the regression, and you also receive a digital recording of your session. 


Life Between Lives

Curious about your life purpose?  Which direction to take? Recurring issues?  Why some situations or people “push your buttons”?  

Life Between Lives explores the 'soul state', where you can ask the questions that you seek in your daily life and discover your own profound answers.


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