Relaxed Pregnancy & Birthing

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A Natural Childbirth Method for Couples


If you are aiming for a calm, natural birth, 

a supportive role for your partner, 

a relaxed birth and baby

Relaxed Pregnancy & Birthing teaches:


  • Easy, effective techniques for a calmer pregnancy & birthing experience;

  • How you can achieve an empowered, calm, comfortable childbirth;

  • Letting go of fears around pregnancy and birthing;

  • Healing and bonding between couples in a supportive environment;

  • How the birth partner can play a significant role and be very much part of the experience;

  • How to surrender into whatever turn your birthing experience takes;

  • Relaxation techniques that help after the birth (even after C-Section).


It is common for birth-partners to feel they're unable to help during labour, birth-partners in this program typically report feeling empowered, and that they play a very important role in the labour and birthing experience.


Using specific relaxation techniques, the birthing mother is supported in feeling calm, in control and present during the birthing process.    In this relaxed state, the body's natural anaesthesia can flow more easily, plus babies are typically calmer and more peaceful throughout the birth and afterward.


"Through the

sessions I had with Cindy,

and followed by everyday use

of her wonderful CD, I was able to peacefully and powerfully birth my second child after a traumatic and disempowering experience

birthing my first born."

Cindy in labour

Cindy's Personal Experience


Cindy experienced first-hand how to relax, release tension, and trust the body to do what it naturally knows to do.  


Together, she and her husband, Dean, used relaxation and hypnosis techniques during the births of both their daughters, and experienced a beautiful water birth, and painless contractions. 


“I couldn't have achieved the amazingly peaceful and beautiful labour and births if Dean hadn't guided me through.  In fact, our midwife & my mum were shocked when my second daughter was born soon after I arrived at the birth centre, as I apparently “looked so calm" that they thought I'd be in labour for another 8 hours!”.


"I even experienced naturally pain-free contractions!   And while monitoring the baby's heartbeat during the labour, the midwife commented that this was the most relaxed baby she'd seen".


Cindy has also assisted other birthing couples successfully experience relaxed birthing during their labour.