Teenagers & Children

Children's Program

This program has been designed for parents to simply and effectively help build self-esteem, confidence, calmness and trust in their children.

It's been effectively used to alleviate stress-related issues including:

  • Fears; 

  • Phobias;

  • Sleeping problems;

  • Behavioural issues;

  • Bedwetting;

  • Insecurities; 

  • ADD / ADHD and 

  • even physical symptoms.


Learn valuable tools to help and empower your children, and develop a loving, nurturing and trusting relationship.

Positive Teenagers

Teenagers can learn self-hypnosis and other valuable tools to help alleviate stress around general life and school pressures including: 

  • Exam stress; 

  • Study; 

  • Peer pressure; 

  • Self-harming; 

  • Hormonal changes; 

  • Bullying;

  • Low Self-Esteem

  • General attitude

During the teenage years, we generally have an extra-ordinary ability to visualise and respond to hypnotherapy quite quickly, therefore creating positive change and learning the skills to help themselves throughout adulthood.