Drug & Alcohol Addiction

How Hypnotherapy works to help you deal with drug & alcohol addiction


This program is typically 6-8 sessions, comprising a very supportive space for counselling and hypnotherapy.  The bonus of hypnotherapy is that it can quickly and gently go to the causes and resolutions of addiction, whilst also encouraging a deeper sense of life-fulfillment, joy, peace and insight.  

  • Addiction is typically a symptom of a limiting belief, learned behaviour or trigger that can generally be resolved.  

  • Every situation is unique, and every person responds differently.  

  • You can feel totally supported in this program as we focus on finding your unique resolutions.  

  • The underlying causes of addiction are explored and resolved together.  

  • You have the answers deep inside, and it is far more empowering and permanent when you uncover this through your own revelations.