What is Hypnotherapy?
Hypnotherapy with Cindy's method incorporates counselling and hypnosis that gently resolves core issues.  This allows positive changes to be permanent, so that you can move into a more empowering and healthy way of life. 
Everything we experience and learn as children forms our beliefs and reactions -
which are then installed into our subconscious mind.  Inevitably, as we grow through adulthood, we are unconsciously (& often un-knowingly) triggered by our previous experiences.  The subconscious & the conscious mind therefore have crossed messages, causing  unconscious sabotage such as unhealthy urges, habits and anxiety.  
Because these triggers are stored in the subconscious mind, the easiest and most natural way to resolve them is through the subconscious. 
Hypnosis accesses the subconscious, and is simply an altered state of consciousness - likened to a gentle, nurturing guided meditation.  In this relaxed space, you can find your triggers and re-frame them - thus calming the nervous system trigger, and also installing new healthy feelings, thoughts, reactions and habits. 
You are essentially in a beautifully relaxing, safe space so that you can empower yourself with your own answers, revelations and healing.
After hypnotherapy, people often report feeling "more relaxed than they ever have".  In fact, it is a natural state that we experience at various times of the day and night, such as not remembering your drive home, or being half awake and half asleep and aware yet not bothered.


The hypnotized person knows who and where they are, though is generally focused on the directives of the therapist.  A trance state is not unconsciousness nor is it being "under" or asleep.  ​You are in control, yet very relaxed and supported.

Choosing a Counsellor / Hypnotherapist

Speak to a therapist before booking a session to make sure you are comfortable with them. 


Ask questions such as: 

  • Are they a member of a reputable association? (eg, AASW or ASCH.  You can double check  if they are on the association's website).  

  • Do they have a professional clinic? 

  • Do they have indemnity insurance? Are they aware of the HCCC Code of Conduct?


Trust yourself if you are not comfortable with a therapist and/or their environment. You have a right to leave, and a good therapist will support you in this.

“Our job as a

hypnotherapist is to

make sure that the seed we

plant is firmly planted, and

we have all the nutrients surrounding the subconscious

so it can deal with

things in life.”

Igor Ledochowski