Trauma & PTSD

A major cause of anxiety and panic symptoms stems from traumatic life events.   Post traumatic stress is caused by unpleasant life situations – even those we have consciously forgotten, but our subconscious has not forgotten.  


In essence, the subconscious mind is so clever that it stores negative experiences so that it can warn us in the future when a similar situation presents itself.  The signal it sends can essentially be uncomfortable symptoms of anxiety that activate our “fight or flight” response, providing a rush of adrenalin to fight off or flee from perceived danger.  


Unfortunately this can trigger physical and psychological symptoms such as anxiety, panic, pain in the body, breathing difficulties, profuse sweating, blurred vision, nightmares, blood pressure, phobias, inability to focus or be logical, and recurring flashes of memory.  


However, HeartMatters’ comfortable, nurturing and supportive counselling and hypnotherapy, allows a clear opportunity for deep emotional wounds and symptoms to be healed.


By understanding and reframing the causes of crippling symptoms it is possible to not only reduce or eliminate them, but enjoy a more relaxed, fulfilling life. 

"I now feel in control of my reactions towards some of those whom I've had baffling and volatile relationships with in the past.

I respect myself and have become my own friend, I trust my intuition and decision making.

Perhaps, above all, that profound sense of uncertainty and fear have left.  I have looked inside and found my personal meaning and a spiritual resource of richness and love.

Immeasurable love and thanks to you Cindy."