Mental Health

"After working with Cindy over six sessions, I have found myself with a greater ability to manage the episodes of extreme depression, mania, anxiety, OCD and psychosis that come with my bi-polar II and anxiety disorders.


Cindy has helped me identify the triggers and warning signs that come before episodes. She has also guided me to my own wisdom in how to support myself through episodes and reduce their intensity and duration.


Unique to Cindy is the compassionate and empathetic atmosphere created in the session space, and with her professional guidance, within me. My conditions can be dangerous if not managed properly, and importantly, Cindy gently ensures mental and emotional safety during and after each session.


My work with Cindy enabled me for the first time to manage through an episode of psychosis without resorting to self-harm or medication, something unimaginable to me prior to beginning our sessions.


I am grateful to Cindy for the healing journey she is guiding me through in balance with conventional therapies." K

"I got up off my knees and am walking upright with my head high....  I owe all that to Cindy.  I'm well down the track to happiness & success once again... I'm excited about life & the future.  I can't thank Cindy enough for helping me this year.  I feel that I've made huge progress since having met her and that the worst is now FAR behind me......  Thank God I called you and for you being there.  My eternal gratitude and respect......"  


D's Success Story / Testimonial

I just wanted to acknowledge and thank Cindy Brasen for the healing I have gained with her help through hypnotherapy.

After a series of traumatic events in my life I had suffered extensive grief, followed by severe depression.  I had been through 3 bouts of counselling sessions with different practitioners and during previous years tried various other healing therapies, all with little success.


I felt that the only way I could go on with my life was to have my hard-drive (mind) wiped and start again.  I know it is a funny comparison, but I actually feel as though my brain was running as windows 98, full of bugs and virus’s, and now has been cleaned, protected and updated ;)

When I attended my first session with Cindy she asked "Do you believe hypnosis will work for you?"   My response was "It has to work, because nothing else has, this is my last resort, if it doesn't work I don't know what else to do..."

My idea of hypnosis was very old school, with the swinging watch, I would go to sleep and when I woke up all my problems would be wiped out of my brain.  Rather it was done in a more relaxed and less clinical way.  I was aware of everything going on, and felt very safe and comfortable with Cindy even though I had known her for less than half an hour.

I felt very aware, alert, and positive after my first session, then later that night as my mind wondered through the trauma of issues that had been confusing me for some time, I was aware that my mind reorganized my thoughts and I faced many truths that I was unable to deal with previously.


The following sessions I was again faced with past issues that were difficult to deal with, but again felt safe in the environment with Cindy.

Since receiving treatment from Cindy I have gained profound positive thought patterns, cleared much stuff from my life, including outgrown relationships that were holding me back. I am no longer "needy" and my ability to establish boundaries and reinforce them surprised me. I find that I have become remarkably less emotional and deal with emotions in a very different way than previously.


A lot of the problems I was facing have not disappeared, but rather I feel my strength, self respect and esteem has grown, as well as my belief in myself, and my abilities, to face the difficulties with a far more healthy attitude.


My life has opened up to many new and valuable connections and I don't take things so personally anymore.   I also have become more capable of discerning what is right for me and my family.  I have included various physical activities to my life, which is positive for my health, body image, mental health, and generates confidence and energy - which is then reflected in my, parenting, creativity, research, studies and day-to-day routine.

I highly recommend Cindy's therapies to anyone who wants to heal or create positive and healthy change to their life!    D,  Vic

K's Succes Story / Testimonial

For years I'd suffered anxiety with bouts of depression, accompanied with insomnia and inability to function healthily re work & particularly with my grown children:- "relationship stuff".  These issues had developed into self medicating.


At the first session, Cindy met me & I started crying on the way up the stairs.  With a soft smile Cindy said "most people wait 'til they're in the room before crying", such was my state.  But she broke the ice & we had a giggle.  I didn't know what to expect & was nervous about the idea of hypnotherapy.


After the first session, I didn't think I felt that different, except for an inkling of something - it was self-direction & the beginning of a belief in myself!


Over future sessions Cindy guided me onto my own path of finding & reconnecting with myself, & a landscape that started to breakdown my old destructive fears & patterns.  She showed me options & things that worked for her.


My feelings of well-being started slowly but increased with every session.


Today I no longer wake to a racing mind & feelings of despair.  I don't think that I've ever enjoyed such a quality of sleep.


The disconnectedness & anxiety have all but disappeared, and it continues to improve!


For some reason I now feel in control of my reactions toward some of those whom I've had baffling & volatile relationships with in the past.


I respect myself & have become my own friend.  I trust my intuition and decision making.


Perhaps, above all, that profound sense of uncertainty and fear have left.  I have looked inside and found my personal "meaning" and a spiritual resource of richness and love.


Immeasureable love and thanks to you Cindy.  K


Physical & Emotional Anxiety


When I visited Cindy I was hoping to get some relief from the anxiety I had been feeling for some time.  At certain times of the year this anxiety would become overwhelming and I felt it was time to address it in a natural way.  In life we all have our dramas and mine seemed to be ongoing and I knew I had to 'reprogram' my mind not to easily fall into the "fight or flight" response at a whim. 


I wanted to manage my feelings in a more controlled fashion.  Cindy was very understanding and was willing to listen to me.  She did not judge me and I felt we got on quite well at the first session so I was really looking forward to the second session.  I had become sort of used to the knot I had in my stomach.  It remained with me often from the time I awoke, to the time I went to sleep at night. Working at my job was becoming increasingly difficult. Taking anxiety medication on an as-needs basis was causing me concern.


The second session was very powerful and between the two of us we were able to loosen the knot in my stomach. When I left Cindy that day, I felt I had a bruise from the knot/dead weight which I felt had been removed.   It sounds unbelievable, but the next day this knot had completely gone.  Obviously I was cautious at first and did not want to become too excited too quickly. But by the third session the anxiety had not returned and to date has not come back.  Hypnosis with a skilled practitioner is to be highly recommended.  I thank Cindy with all my heart and soul for this experience.  I know I will have anxiety of some sort down the track, but I feel confident that I can deal with it.  The key for me is to honour my body and its healing abilities. Cindy is not the fixer - but she is damned good at facilitating the healing.  This has been a profound journey and I hope this testimonial will serve to encourage others to seek help via this method. Finding a qualified practitioner you can trust is important and I believe Cindy's 16 years of experience will provide a safe haven for others to relax and find solace.  For technical minded souls, it is like a good reboot!      DR, Coffs Harbour.  2014


J’s Story

 "J" was 15 when his mother first brought him to see Cindy.    He & his mother were both unsure of the future and scared of what was happening to him, as he’d been living with 5 years of abdominal pain that seemed to have no logical explanation.   He then developed six months of constant, debilitating pain - preventing him from participating in his much loved sport, and from even attending school regularly. 


These are J's and his mother's testimonials:


J's Testimonial:

“Cindy taught me how to control and take away the pain.  It was very comfortable around her, which made it a lot easier to learn and control.  She was friendly and very understanding which contributed to my good health.”


"J's" Mother's Testimonial:

“For six months my son experienced constant, severe abdominal pain and was unable to attend school, participate in sports, or be involved with his friends.  We had visited many doctors and had numerous tests performed before being given a diagnosis of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  


We had attended acupuncture in Melbourne, one to two visits per week for three months, and then went onto hypnosis through the Royal Children’s Hospital for six weeks with only limited success.  


Then we went to Cindy.  She was able to help my son to be in control of his pain.  The speed with which this occurred was amazing.


He is now back at school and building up his fitness to become involved in the sports that he loves.  We will be eternally grateful to Cindy for her expertise and caring.” 

Relaxed Birthing


"Through the sessions I had with Cindy, and followed by everyday use of her wonderful CD, I was able to peacefully and powerfully birth my second child after a traumatic and disempowering experience birthing my first born. 

As if this wasn't life-changing enough, through Cindy's other amazing hypnotherapy methods, I have been able to overcome an addiction to alcohol.   My yearning for alcohol is completely gone and I feel so free!  Thank you Cindy."   CS,  NSW

"Our Relaxed Birthing sessions with Cindy, at Heartmatters Hypnotherapy in Coffs Harbour, were amazing.  She really helped me build confidence and get my head around birthing naturally. The sessions allowed my partner to feel supportive and active throughout the pregnancy and birth, and helped us to plan for our ideal outcome.  The midwives at my birth commented that it was the most relaxed first birth they'd seen in many years.  I believe that without Cindy, I would not have had a natural, drug free birth."  M&M,  NSW