Pricing & Rebates


- 1 hour Counselling - $100

- 2 hr Counselling/hypnotherapy - $150  ($120 Teenagers) (Standard 1st session)

- 1½ Counselling/Hypnotherapy -  $130  ($95 Teenagers)

- Couples - $150

- PLR (2 to 3 hours) - $250

- LBL (3 to 4 1/2 hours) - $420


1st session - $120  ($95 follow-up)

Children under 12 years

1st session - $95  ($80 follow-up)

Medicare Rebate - Pregnancy and post pregnancy counselling

Medicare rebate available for 3 sessions –

Pay only $20 per session (gap fee).

To be eligible: A person must be currently pregnant, or have been pregnant in the preceding 12 months, and must have a referral for counselling from their GP.

Connect to Wellbeing (Healthy Minds)

You may be eligible for 10 free counselling sessions with Cindy with a mental health plan.

To find out, contact Cindy or see your GP.

Private Health Fund Accreditation​

  • ahm Health Insurance

  • registered psychologists only

  • Australian Unity Health Limited

  • CBHS Health Fund

  • CDH Benefits Fund

  • CUA Health (quit smoking only)

  • GMHBA (registered psychologists only)

  • Grand United Corporate Health

  • HBF Health

  • Health Care Insurance (quit smoking & weight loss only)

  • Health Partners

  • (limited cover & only if signed off by GP)

  • Medibank Private (only if you have bonus extras)

  • ​MO My Own Health Insurance (registered psychologists only) 

  • National Health Benefits Australia (registered psychologists only)

  • Navy Health

  • Peoplecare Health Insurance (registered psychologists only)

  • Phoenix Health Fund

  • Police Health (registered psychologists only)

  • Queensland Country Health Fund (quit smoking and weight loss only)

  • Railway and Transport Health Fund

  • Teachers Health Fund

  • TUH (registered psychologists only)

  • Westfund




My feelings of well-being started slowly but increased with every session. Today I no longer wake to a racing mind & feelings of despair.  I don't think that I've ever enjoyed such a quality of sleep.

The disconnectedness & anxiety have all but disappeared, and it continues to improve!"

Cindy has helped me identify the triggers and warning signs that come before episodes. She has also guided me to my own wisdom in how to support myself through episodes and reduce their intensity and duration.


Unique to Cindy is the compassionate and empathetic atmosphere created in the session space, and with her professional guidance, within me."