Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy

Curious about your life purpose?  

Which direction to take? 

Recurring issues?  

Why some situations or people “push your buttons”?  

What happens when you die?


You may be aware that you already have the answers to these questions, and you can tap into them through a revolutionary technique called Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy (LBL).


Life Between Lives explores the 'soul state', where you can ask the questions that you seek in your daily life and discover your own profound answers.


People who experience a Life Between Lives regression continue to report a certain ‘deeper understanding’ and clarity that had previously eluded them, and often the feelings of connection and belonging are so poignant, it is difficult to describe.   Healing emotionally and physically can also be a benefit of LBL.


Working with Cindy

The session includes a Therapeutic Relaxation CD to help enhance the benefits long after the regression, and you also receive a digital recording of your session so that you can continue to maintain the beautiful connection that is experienced. 


You are requested to bring to your LBL session, a list of questions you would like to know, such as:  your life's purpose, lessons to be learned, key issues in your life, relationships, who is your soul mate, soul group members or your role in the soul world.   Usually at some stage during this 3-4 hour session, you are assisted in realising the answers to the things that are most relevant and helpful in your life currently.


  • PLR  $290

  • LBL  $450

Cindy's Life Between Lives Experience

Cindy became a certified Life Between Lives Practitioner during The Newton Institute’s first ever Australian training in 2008.  The second Australian training was held in Melbourne, and Cindy had the priviledge of being part of the training team, assisting the next group of hypnotherapists in becoming certified by this unique international organisation, The Newton Institute.


She has personally experienced three Life Between Lives sessions herself and is an advocate of the amazing benefits of Michael Newton's powerful and unique LBL process.   

Pre-Session Past Life Regression

If you have never had a past life experience, the Newton Institute recommends having a Past Life Regression (PLR) before having an LBL session, though it is not a requirement.  Many people have already experienced past life through their own means.  There are a few reasons it is recommended:


  • We access the LBL state through a past life, so it is gives an indication on your ease of accessing this space;

  • We may need to clear some past life trauma before going into LBL;

  • To get a “feel” for the experience, and gain more confidence in accessing the soul state;

  • To develop more clarity around exactly what you want out of your LBL;

  • To more smoothly and quickly access the space you need for a profound LBL experience;

  • To establish trust, and a more comfortable rapport with the therapist (assisting a deeper LBL state).

Story of Life Between Lives

Dr Michael Newton PhD developed this amazing process during his work in counselling psychology and hypnotherapy.  His first results decades ago, seemed quite extraordinary – then a remarkable consistency began to emerge which inspired him to continue gathering information over 20 years, and across thousands of case studies.  Once his findings were published, his books “Journey of Souls” and “Destiny of Souls” quickly became bestsellers.


Since then, this beautiful process has empowered many thousands of people world-wide as they explore the ‘between lives’ or soul state! 


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