Cindy Brasen

BA Social Work (University of New England), Dip Clin Hyp

Cindy provides trauma-informed counselling services for children, teenagers and adults at both the Bellingen Youth Hub and at 87 Hyde Street, Bellingen.

Her passion and aim is to assist people in empowering themselves, and rediscovering their own potential, self-worth, happiness, inner strength and self-healing.    In order to prove what our minds and bodies are truly capable of, she has used herself as a "guinea pig" for many years, and tested various hypnotherapy-based processes on herself .   Her “proof” was most evident  when she used hypnosis during the  births of both her daughters.  Together, she and her partner achieved amazing results 

such as natural painless contractions, a beautiful water birth, and healthy, calm babies.

She has also had extraordinary results, using hypnotherapy to overcome personal 

physical ailments.


Cindy is:​


2013-2017 - Bachelor of Social Work (University of New England, Armidale)

2005 - Solution Focused Counselling  certification (Ampersand Australia, Bendigo)

2002 - Certification in Hypno Birthing TM

1999 - EMDR  (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing),

1998-1999 - Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis (Australian Academy of Hypnotic Science

1997 - Certificate of Hypnotherapy (NSW School of Hypnotic Science)                               

“We possess

within us a force of

incalculable power, which

if we direct it in a conscious

and wise manner, gives us the

mastery of ourselves and allows

us not only to escape from physical

and mental ills, but also to

live in relative


Émile Coué