Specialising in anxiety, trauma & stress-related issues

Let go of unhealthy habits, urges & reactions, and discover your unique answers & tools to move forward, be empowered & inspired.

Cindy's counselling/therapy programs are tailored to meet individual needs and goals.  During a beautifully relaxed state you can remove triggers that create unhealthy subconscious beliefs, reactions and symptoms.  You can then create new beliefs, more positive thoughts and feelings, calmness, confidence and balance.  ​

Your Commitment 
  • Therapeutic Relaxation CD's  -  reinforcing positive change, and boost relaxation, sleep, self-esteem and confidence).  ​

  • Tools to use at home to make positive changes easy and effective.

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Meet Cindy​
  • A registered Accredited Social Worker with the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW), specialising in trauma counselling.

  • A Healthy Minds Provider

  • Approved Victims Services Counsellor

  • Private Health Fund Accredited

  • Certified LBL therapist with The Newton Institute www.spiritualregression.org


She uses trauma-informed, strengths-based counselling, hypnotherapy & mindfulness to access individual personal power and create lasting change.

Hypnotherapist and counsellor Cindy Brasen Bellingen Coffs Harbour
Available Services

“My feelings of well-being started slowly but increased with every session. Today I no longer wake to a racing mind & feelings of despair.  I don't think that I've ever enjoyed such a quality of sleep.

The disconnectedness & anxiety have all but disappeared, and it continues to improve!"

"Through the sessions I had with Cindy, and followed by everyday use of her wonderful CD, I was able to peacefully and powerfully birth my second child after a traumatic and disempowering experience birthing my first born."