Supporting anxiety, trauma & stress-related issues
(Face-to-face or telehealth)

Let go of unhealthy habits, urges & reactions, and discover your unique answers & tools to move forward, be empowered & inspired.

Counselling/therapy programs are tailored to meet individual needs and goals.  You can remove triggers that create stress-related reactions and symptoms.  We then create new beliefs, more positive thoughts and feelings, calmness, confidence and balance.  ​

Your Commitment to yourself​​
  • You will use easy and effective tools at home to reinforce positive change.

  • This includes Therapeutic Relaxation recordings designed to enhance positive change, relaxation, sleep, self-esteem and confidence.  

Counselling & hypnotherapy rooms Bellingen
Meet Cindy​
  • Registered Accredited Social Worker with the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW), specialising in trauma counselling.

  • Approved Victims Services NSW Counsellor  (Find out more here)

  • Certified LBL therapist with The Newton Institute


She uses trauma-informed, strengths-based counselling, hypnotherapy & mindfulness to help you access individual personal power and create lasting change.

Hypnotherapist and counsellor Cindy Brasen Bellingen Coffs Harbour
Available Services

“My feelings of well-being started slowly but increased with every session. Today I no longer wake to a racing mind & feelings of despair.  I don't think that I've ever enjoyed such a quality of sleep.

The disconnectedness & anxiety have all but disappeared, and it continues to improve!"

Cindy has helped me identify the triggers and warning signs that come before episodes. She has also guided me to my own wisdom in how to support myself through episodes and reduce their intensity and duration.


Unique to Cindy is the compassionate and empathetic atmosphere created in the session space, and with her professional guidance, within me."

"Through the sessions I had with Cindy, and followed by everyday use of her wonderful CD, I was able to peacefully and powerfully birth my second child after a traumatic and disempowering experience birthing my first born."